The first Bitcoin wallet that pays you!

Win up to one Bitcoin everyday using the new ultra-fast Libre Wallet. Send Bitcoin with no fees.


We make Bitcoin Fun

Great with friends

Send Bitcoin to your friends anywhere in the world.

Connect with apps

Bitcoin Libre makes it easy to connect with games & apps.

Win up to 1 BTC

Free daily spin with a chance to win 1 BTC. Every spin is a winner.

Win up to 1 BTC

Spin the wheel everyday for a chance to win up to 1 whole Bitcoin. Every spin is a winner. Prizes are offered free by our generous advertising sponsors!

You can see your prize amount before you watch any ad. Simply watch a video and collect your sats (1 sat is 0.0000001 BTC)

Great with friends

Bitcoin Libre is perfect for tipping your friends, splitting bills and paying for small services. Just type the users name, enter how many sats, and press send.

Unlike traditional Bitcoin apps, you don't need to type complicated hashtag addresses. Works just like twitter, except it sends bitcoin.

Connect with apps

Bitcoin Libre can authenticate and send Bitcoin to any web app on the Proton blockchain. Make it possible to use for gaming and other applications.

Everything is entirely open source with developer documentation and examples.


Join the Libre Revolution!

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